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Types of Yarn

NUAN uses the finest quality, most comfortable, natural yarns available from verifiable sources. The spectrum of our yarns – from the finest pure cashmere to exquisite baby cashmere to our latest addition of pure cotton and linens allows us to create classic styles that can be worn in any climate.


The finest lots come from northern China and Mongolia. Cashmere comes from the under-fleece of goats that survive in extreme weather conditions and harsh terrain. In the spring, goat herders harvest the under-fleece with a combing procedure that is totally harmless to the goats. Each goat produces approximately 100 grams of yarn each year after the coarse outer fibres are removed. That is why cashmere is so precious.
For example, NUAN’s signature COCO Jacket weighs 380 grams and the COCO Coat 520 grams. This does not include yarn lost in the tailoring.

Baby Cashmere

This cashmere comes from the first combing of the goat kids. It is a highly selected fibre and is available in extremely limited quantities.

Eco Cashmere

Eco Cashmere is cashmere in its raw color.  Goats wander and graze in their natural coats of dark brown, grey and white.  This NUAN collection of Eco Cashmere is environmentally friendly as the cashmere is un-dyed and un-bleached.

Whilst no NUAN cashmere yarn contains any dye residues after careful handling, a lot of water is used in the dyeing process of any yarn to remove any chemicals and heavy metals.

It is preferable for those with sensitive skin. Eco Cashmere is sustainable and part of an ever increasing design philosophy supporting environmentalism and social responsibility, minimising carbon footprint.

Cotton & Linens

NUAN uses 100% pure cotton and linens in its spring/summer collection. The natural breathable feel of this luxurious fabric complements cashmere. The NUAN spring/summer pieces are elegant and truly unique. It also works well in the off seasons with NUAN clothing from the baby cashmere and cashmere styles.

Cashmere Care

A luxury product needs care. After seeking out the finest quality we intend on helping you keep it that way.